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Breaded Shrimp Patties

Mango shape type(26〜30g/pcs) Square shape type(30〜60g/pcs) Oval shape type(80〜100g/pcs)

Breaded Shrimp

Finger size (72pcs/Kg) Straight shape (12g/pcs, 21g/pcs) Banana Shape (25g/pcs)

Breaded Pork and Chicken

Plain Mille-feuille Cutlet (80g/pcs) Pork with Oba leaf (90g/pcs) Chicken or Pork with Cheese sauce (90g/pcs)

Other Breaded

Shrimp with white sauce cream Potato Croquette Breaded Skewers Set

Other Coating

Fish coated with shredded potato Shrimp Patty coated with crushed flour sheet